What you will learn:

Some people call it the X-Factor, others say it’s someone’s aura. Regardless of what you may call it, that THING that makes heads turn and people say “WHO IS THAT?” is known by a more formal term: Executive Presence.

Executive Presence is about being fearless on a stage and in front of an audience – whether it’s a board room, or an audience of thousands. Dhomonique teaches Executive Presence in 3 simple pillars: Presentation, Delivery, and Execution. It’s time to Command the Room.

In this Elective we will discuss: Executive tone, effective and clear communication, executive confidence, executive image and positioning of the leader and executive team.

Our objectives are:
  • Understand what Executive Presence is, and the psychology behind it in order to fully take advantage of it
  • Re-evaluate the nonverbal messages you have been sending to the world based on your presence
  • Apply Executive Presence into your daily routine
  • Learn how to Command a Room
  • Breakdown the 3 step Executive Presence Process
  • Create Opportunities for oneself based on applying the principals and strategies learned

About the instructor:

Hi, I’m Dhomonique. I am a 3x Emmy Award Winning TV Journalist turned Agency founder and entrepreneur with over 20 years of on-camera experience. I am a nationally-recognized speaker & interviewer, strategic advisor, bestselling author, Mrs. Virginia American 2020 and a highly sought out expert who helps corporations, government institutions, individuals and companies capture attention, protect their reputation and brand, reach larger audiences, and close more sales through the RIGHT approach.
I am the Founder & President of The Right Method, a full-service creative agency specializing in six core areas: Public Relations, Communications, Social Media, Marketing, Video & Photo Production, and Executive Presence. Our mission is: ‘Telling the World’s Stories the RIGHT Way.” My team and I collectively have 22 Emmy Awards and counting. The Right Method was established in 2013 and I am humbled to say is one of only a handful of black-owned, women-owned creative agencies in the world.
My superpower is guiding brands and people towards positioning themselves the RIGHT way so they can gain the recognition they deserve, and increase their visibility, credibility and profitability.
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Suggested Length40 min
# of Employees50

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