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Welcome to an opportunity for employees to experience first-hand how mindfulness and social emotional learning (SEL) can be implemented to drive a more equitable and inclusive workplace. Mindfulness is inherently equitable, but the access to its tools is not. We can not improve what we don’t know. Employees can raise their own mindfulness by paying attention to how they are showing up with people and within situations at work. Once we become aware of how we are reacting and engaging, we can make a plan to improve our awareness and presence.

In this class, we’ll examine the pillars of mindfulness and the 5 competencies of SEL to raise the psychological capital in the workplace. With an evidence-based interactive experience infused with music, you’ll walk away with the understanding of how the sustained practice of mindfulness can illuminate biased practices and cultivate equitable solutions that highlight the unique talents, skills, interests, and the wellbeing of each individual in your workplace.

About the instructor:

An award-winning and highly-rated former school leader in Brooklyn, New York, a seasoned public speaker, and creator of Moment of Mindfulness (MOM), a mindfulness methodology and company committed to empowering communities to activate their best intentions through culturally responsive evidence-based mindfulness tools. With eleven years of service as an educator, in 2013, Curtis co-founded one of the top-rated public middle schools in Brooklyn, New York and designed the mindfulness curriculum that’s infused into the foundation of the school's mission and culture. The success and notable impact of the program contributed to an improved learning community and led to his work with the New York City Department of Education District 19. There he created and facilitated district-wide workshops and training for Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance and eventually the First Office of Chancellor in New York City while supporting over 1.1 million students in New York City.

Curtis holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science from Brooklyn College in Education, a School Building and District Leadership Degree from the College of St. Rose in partnership with the Center for Integrated Training and Education, a certification in Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness from The Path in partnership with The Nalanda Institute, and is a RISE for Educators recipient from Kripalu‘s Center for Yoga and Health. He’s transformed thousands of lives by using music, movement, art, and writing to activate the science-based benefits of mindfulness. He’s taken the leap to evolve his career towards social entrepreneurship as he expands his mission to promote wellbeing across the world.
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