What you will learn:

Former NASA Astronaut Ron Garan knows a little about seeing things from a new perspective. Having returned from the earth after a six-month journey aboard the International Space Station, Ron was struck with the indescribable beauty of the earth from space and the strife and discord that is part of the day-to-day life of people down here on earth.

Since then, Ron has shared his Orbital Perspective with millions and delivered a renewed sense of awe and wonder to corporate audiences around the world. Ron shares his experiences of space travel, combat missions, and entrepreneurship to foster collaborative environments where teammates can achieve their true potential. Ron uses these fascinating experiences to deliver powerful content that resonates with CEOs, organizational leaders and team members.

In Ron's course your audience will discover how to:
  • Inspire Performance: Ron uses his inspiring journey to help create collaborative environments where teammates can achieve their true potential.
  • Build Resilience: Ron shares a unique perspective on how teams function under stress and can embrace change for a brighter future.
  • Achieve Progress: Ron launched into space with a belief that we already have all the resources and technology necessary to solve the Earth's problems -- and he applies this macro strategy of inclusion to the problem-solving process of organizations, big and small.

About the instructor:

Former NASA astronaut, serial entrepreneur, humanitarian, and highly decorated combat fighter Ron Garan racked up 178 days in space and more than 71 million miles in 2,842 orbits between tours on the US Space Shuttle, Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and the International Space Station. During his time in space, Ron conducted four spacewalks in support of ISS construction and maintenance. Prior to those space journeys, he lived and conducted research on the bottom of the ocean in the world’s only undersea research lab, Aquarius. Before reaching the summit of his career, Ron, a former test pilot and graduate of the US Naval Test Pilot School taught hundreds of elite fighter pilots how to "up their game" as a flight instructor at the prestigious USAF Fighter Weapons School, the Air Force version of Top Gun. He is the author of the critically acclaimed books, The Orbital Perspective, the recently-released, Floating in Darkness – A Journey of Evolution, and the children’s book, Railroad to the Moon. Ron is celebrated not just for his research in space but also for his humanitarian contribution to life on Earth.
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Suggested Length:30 min
# of Employees: Flexible
Delivery: Live via Zoom
Available Formats:
  • Keynote Followed by Q&A
  • Lecture with Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop

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