What you will learn:

Effective executives and leaders in corporate America are aware that the “Talent Gap” is one of their greatest challenges to success, and that this trend will grow worse in the coming decade and beyond. There are legitimate challenges and obstacles to widening the talent pool for recruiting to include people that have been involved in the criminal justice system, but there is a path to success. Learn from the successes and failures of the last thirty years, and obtain resources for mitigating risks, building a successful program, and creating cultural change in your organization to support the successful implementation of a Fair Chance Hiring Program, using teachings from SHRM’s Getting Talent Back To Work program, and Jeff Korzenik’s book Untapped Talent.

Workplace readiness is the conscious and active process of helping an organization prepare for change. Attendees will learn to develop a business case, define corporate culture, understand risk mitigation, and recognize potential hiring incentives.

This Elective consists of an interactive presentation and discussion, with the potential for breakout groups.

After this Elective, participants will be able to articulate:
  • The business case for Fair Chance Hiring
  • Organizational culture requirements
  • Risks and mitigation strategies
  • Hiring incentives

About the instructor:

Paul Rothschild spent 20 years in corporate technology and business management and consulting, from small family-owned to publicly traded companies (including one that went from one to the other!). The worst moments of his life led to almost ten years of incarceration in the federal prison system. He discovered his best self in the worst possible circumstances, and now works and volunteers in corporate and reentry environments. Paul graduated Summa cum Laude in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, holds numerous professional certifications, and is a Certified Public Bookkeeper. In support of Fair Chance Hiring, Paul obtained the Getting Talent Back to Work #GTBTW certification from the SHRM Foundation (Society for Human Resource Management).

Paul is an avid technologist, and studies and practices multiple schools of Buddhism -- applying principles of self-awareness, mindfulness, and authenticity learned “on the cushion” to the outside world.
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