What you will learn:

My name is _______ and my superpower is ________. Come explore how to fill in the blanks. Through fun exercises, find out what your superpower is and how it manifests for yourself and your ideas of success and how it inter-relates within the organizations you work. Are you a peacemaker, a negotiator, are you a visionary or creative thinker. No right or wrong answer just a rubric cubes way to put together what is already bubbling up inside of you.

Learn what your individual purpose is and devise your purpose statement through a series of answering questions. Understand how this individual purpose statement guides you as you relate in your community, business, society, family and all of your relationships. Understand what drives you and what you value.

Through our LivingWellTM approach, individuals learn about themselves, their own purpose, that of their firm they are working with and how to be that bridge in society towards redefining value and being part of what I define as, the Circular Nature of Conscious Capital Formation. Participants go through the LivingWellTM program to understand what they value and are passionate about. They will participate in a values-led questionnaire and discussion component exploring what they hold dear, what they believe, what they want their legacy to be, etc. They will also explore how they would like to see change in our world, and what they can do today to align with what they value with their daily decisions. What societies, nations and communities are evolving into Human Awareness and what is associated with these changes. We’ll learn from Richard Barrett, founder of the Academy for the Advancement of Human Values on his teachings in this area as well as others. It’s a time for redirection from risk/return to risk/return/impact as Sir Ronald Cohen phrases in his new book, “Impact.”

Through the LivingWellTM program we highlight the Emotional, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Relational and Spiritual aspects of an individual’s life. We go through a number of values-based exercises and also create a family ‘story’ based on these values and what they deem important in life – their life lessons. It is a great time to story tell and from that glean the direction these individuals want to go with their life decisions. (added fee if client chooses to include)

About the instructor:

Darby Hobbs is a change agent, creator, producer, and storyteller focused on Social Innovation and determining growth opportunities in the areas of greatest social and environmental impact.

Through Darby's firm, SOCIAL3, she works with entrepreneurs to mid-stage and large public companies, engaging with them to develop business ideas for the greater global good and direct benefit to local and global communities alike. Coming with over 20 years from the investment industry as a global strategist, product developer and marketing/brand specialist, Darby understands the human psyche and what triggers brand engagement.

Darby is certified in Corporate Social Responsibility and have worked in the area of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Impact Investing over the past 12 years. Beyond working with business leaders, she also engages with financial intermediaries to educate and prepare them for integrating more purpose and value into their practice. At the same time, Darby works with their clients to align their values and passions with life decisions and most specifically their investment strategies. The goal is bringing to life the triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) and refining a firm's overall purpose (Conscious Capitalism, Stakeholder Capitalism, Responsible Leadership, Shared Value, etc.).

Through their LivingWellTM approach, individuals learn about themselves, their own purpose, that of their firm they are working with and how to be that bridge in society towards redefining value and being part of what she defines as, the Circular Nature of Conscious Capital Formation. There is a new InvestingDNATM in our midst driven by what Darby terms, the Heart AccountTM, making most of us very aware of our Financial ChakraTM - applying money towards a greater global good. Through Magic, Imagination, and Creativity Darby brings participants through a sequence of learning that evokes curiosity and innovation, that has them understand their 'super power' and how they can effect change and work collectively towards a greater global mission.

In her work, Darby explores with individuals the importance of the following and how it gets factored into their everyday lives. Love, Compassion, Kindness, Empathy, Faith, Fear, Hope, Freedom, Dream, Joy, Inspire (In Spirit), Curiosity, Leadership, Loyalty, Truth, Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Wisdom, and Perspective.

Currently authoring a book with 48 leading global specialists, The NEW Way: Connecting the Heart, to the Mind, to the Wallet (Getting at the Heart of the Matter).

Adjunct Professor at Boston University developed and teach courses on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Impact and Impact Investing.
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