What you will learn:

Expect to learn how to communicate visual storytelling in the written medium as a blueprint for production. Students should leave with actionable and useful tools that can build a foundation for screen storytelling.

About the instructor:

I've been screenwriting for 8 years, having previously worked in post-production and production. Films written/consulted on available on HBO and Amazon, including Long Gone By, Angel Has Fallen, Quest of the Muscle Nerd. Interviews of me discussing the craft can be found on Film Courage and I’m a contributing author for Arc Studio Pro screenwriting software. Additionally, I work 1-on-1 with writers and producers in developing their projects for selling and production.

What to Know:
I want to teach actionable skills that showcase how words translate to images. So much of screenwriting teaching is about hero's journey and character arc and importance of theme. It's all good stuff, but so few talk about the technical aspects of translating images into words for future re-translation back to images. My goal is to give students the power to do that, and let their storytelling brains take flight. In short, I don't want to teach why the Mona Lisa is great because da Vinci used such and such brushstroke. I want to teach, here are three brushstrokes that have these three different effects. Use which one is best for you to paint your own masterpiece.
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