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Research indicates that psychological safety – more than any other factor – is critical to making a team work well. And organizations with higher levels of psychological safety perform better on multiple metrics, from innovation to employee well-being. Here's the challenge: While it’s more important than ever to nurture trusting work cultures, the new normal of virtual and hybrid work settings is making them harder to create and sustain.
In this workshop, attendees gain critical understanding about psychological safety and its benefits and how to help build such cultures. This class is important if 1) You are concerned about a diminished sense of safety created in virtual settings 2) You recognize that the boundaries between personal life and work have blurred and therefore created a greater need for psychological safety in the workplace. 3) You believe that psychological safety is critical to moving the needle on DEI (also documented). Attendees leave the workshop with: 1) a strong understanding of psychological safety and its benefits in the workplace 2) tools and frameworks to use in order to build trust and create safety 3) the ability to hold authentic discussions that nurture psychological safety.

About the instructor:

Trish Foster is a sought-after diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) speaker, consultant, and workshop facilitator. She develops and delivers a variety of DE&I programs for organizations throughout the U.S. and internationally. Speaking engagements range from workshops and keynotes to panel discussions and moderated roundtables. Venues include major international corporations, early-stage companies, non-profits, conferences, and academic institutions, including MIT, Harvard Business School, and
University of Chicago’s Booth School.

She has authored numerous DE&I research reports. Topics include: elevating allyship in the workplace; inclusive culture; intersectionality; disability inclusion; mentorship and sponsorship; gender equity and more.

Previously, Trish served as Executive Director of the Center for Women and Business (CWB) at Bentley University, where she led the center’s mission-driven work to create more inclusive organizations. While there, she guided strategy and thought leadership along with marketing and program development on behalf of more than 100 organizations, establishing a track record of exceptional client referrals. As a passionate advocate for inclusion and allyship, Trish spearheaded formation of Bentley University’s Men of Alliance initiative and co-led development of the university’s Women’s Leadership Group. She co-developed and facilitated the Bentley Executive Education DE&I certificate program, and also served on Bentley’s Diversity Council and Racial Justice Task Force.

Trish has also served as Senior Vice President for FleishmanHillard Global PR and Vice President for Ogilvy International Advertising and PR.

Energy and mindfulness work are among her many personal interests -- Trish is a certified energy healing practitioner.
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