What you will learn:

If the only fact you can conjure up about Biology is "mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell" then this course is for you! Geared towards individuals who are coming from non-science backgrounds, this session covers topics related to the COVID-19 virus and vaccination that allow the listener to gain an understanding of what is going on in the COVID-19 vaccine arena. The overreaching goals of the session are to bust COVID-19 myths, address frequent public concerns surrounding vaccines, and hopefully, by the end, convince everyone to get vaccinated! Given that this is only an hour session (and there is a lot of ground to cover!) the spotlight will be predominantly on topics necessary to understanding vaccines in general and the COVID-19 vaccines that are being actively distributed.

About the instructor:

Kate graduated from MIT in 2014 with a BS in Biology after which she spent a year at Oxford University completing an MSc the Radiation Biology Program on a Marshall Scholarship. She is currently an MD-PhD candidate at Harvard Medical School in the HST MD program and MIT Biology graduate program. She is conducting her PhD work in Michael Hemann's lab at the Koch Institute. Her work broadly focuses on cancer genetics and tumor immunology and she is particularly interested in applying in vivo functional genomic screens to uncover novel strategies to improve the efficacy of CAR-T therapy in Leukemia and Glioblastoma. She is also very passionate about science education, communication, and STEM outreach.
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