What you will learn:

Unconscious biases, also called cognitive or implicit biases, are ways in which our brains keep us protected. These “mental shortcuts” signal to us – in the blink of an eye - whether a situation or someone who we perceive as different from us is safe or unsafe. They can also be barriers to building collaborative relationships at work and on teams by potentially getting us stuck in prejudices and negative perceptions of others.

The practice of mindfulness, i.e., of paying attention to the current moment without judgement, can be an antidote to this kind of “fast thinking”. Slowing down our reactivity enables us to engage with the person in front of us in more intentional ways and build long-lasting and healthier relationships and collaboration.

In this course, you will:
  • Learn what unconscious biases are and what impact they have on your behaviors and perceptions while interacting with others.
  • Practice slowing down your reactivity by paying attention to your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in a focused way.
  • Explore how to navigate your own biases and see your counterparts and teammates in “a different light” by cultivating empathy and kindness.
This highly interactive and experiential course is for team members and leaders who are interested in noticing their habitual thought patterns, uncovering preconceptions and shifting their perspective – on themselves and others. You will walk away with a toolkit of practices and strategies that you can start implementing on the spot. The course can be offered for a duration between 60-90 minutes.

About the instructor:

Rita Wuebbeler is a passionate entrepreneur who facilitates team learning and coaches executives to fulfill their potential. Rita uses mindfulness and other awareness practices to enhance effective collaboration and allow her clients to thrive in today’s hybrid work environment.

Rita’s classes help participants to be more intentional in their work and personal life and accomplish what they want. She has fostered success with global corporations on four continents, non-profits and with U.S. government agencies, including the CIA. A native German with dual US-German citizenship, Rita applies her lived experience to help people navigate differences through awareness. In her free time, Rita trains for and participates in long-distance bike rides, raising awareness and funds for AIDS/HIV causes.
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Suggested Length90 min
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