What you will learn:

Does this sound familiar? Your leadership has affirmed or reaffirmed their commitment to diversity and inclusion, and has promised to invest in recruiting diverse talent. Values statements have been issued, leaders have signaled their support, and your organization is ready to welcome these new hires. Now, how do you head to market to find these pools of talent and attract them to your organization? How do you embed the diversity recruiting charge into your current talent acquisition organization?

This class is tailored for organizations that have already made a commitment to recruiting diverse pools of talent, and are looking to the next step to build their go-to-market strategy or refine their current strategy. This class may not be as beneficial to organizations that have not made a firm commitment to invest in diversity and inclusion, or do not have leadership support to pursue an investment in this strategy.

During this class, we’ll take a deep dive into the talent pipeline, aka the funnel, and discover:
  • The state of your current diversity recruiting pipeline
  • How to identify pain points and challenges
  • How to use qualitative and quantitative data to build your ideal talent pipeline
  • How to leverage your existing recruiting structures
  • The support, people and resources you'll need to make this possible

About the instructor:

Yoselin Bugallo, or Yos as she is known to many, is an advocate for early career diversity recruiting and retention through practical and tactical investments and solutions. She firmly believes that diverse talent exists in the marketplace, and works to help individuals and companies create environments where diverse talent can thrive and succeed. Yoselin's goal is to help companies understand why diversity recruiting challenges exist and persist, and what investments are needed to make top diverse talent attracted and retained. Throughout her experience, Yoselin has learned that it's simply not enough to add a few more job fairs, schools or postings to your outreach. Instead, we must rethink what it means to build and expand talent pipelines, think critically about investments in the pipelines, and understand our commitment to being in these spaces. In many ways, diversity recruiting is parallel to market expansion, which requires unwavering support from the top, a firm commitment of people, resources and time, and metrics that measure quality of hires and experiences, not just quantity.

Yos began her career in higher education at Brandeis and NYU, where she developed a passion for building access to education and pathways to social mobility. At NYU, she focused on building inclusive recruiting practices across the recruiting teams, and worked with 50+ universities and organizations on their recruiting and retention strategies for diverse talent. Over the years, she's worked with higher ed institutions, corporations, and non-profit organizations to define and develop their recruiting strategies to attract top diverse talent. Using a data-driven approach and best practices from the industry, Yoselin has created diversity recruiting strategies, tactics and KPI's that focus on an organization's mission and goals, and highlights where change is needed along the way.
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