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A fresh perspective on diversity, equity and inclusion through the power of sport.
Create conversations that unite, work to remove bias and champion an inclusive culture.
Learn how to leverage listening as a powerful tool for inclusion, creativity, collaboration, integration and innovation.
Learn from other perspectives including the impact of microaggressions, language and of being an F.O.D. (first, only, different).
Activate the power of authenticity to bring your unique self to work every day, and bring out the best in each other.

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Creating an inclusive workplace is essential for growth and productivity, but it's not always easy to achieve – especially in today’s climate. In this inspiring and empowering workshop, you will discover the power of authenticity, learn how to overcome imposter syndrome, and find limitless possibilities, in place of bias and barriers. Olympian Simidele Adeagbo will share the transformational story of...

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Lecture Followed by Q&A

Best for employees who like to listen, absorb and ask questions at the end. Can also be a keynote or speech.

Best for teams up to 120 people

Class Durations

Flexible class lengths to meet your team’s needs.


What People Are Saying About This Class

I thought the whole presentation was so thoughtful - it just reinforced everything I've already been working and brought it forward to my mind. Lead with empathy and reserve judgement I think are the two that will linger for a while.

More About Simidele Adeagbo

In 2018, I made Olympic history at the Winter Games, becoming the first African and Black woman to compete in Olympic skeleton. When I discovered that no African woman had ever competed in the Olympic skeleton, I saw an opportunity to take action. I'm currently training for the next Winter Olympic Games and I also inspire audiences around the world. I've...

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Simidele Adeagbo

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