What you will learn:

What will employees learn in this Elective?
Employees will learn how to prepare evidence-based interview questions and analyze the candidate's answers to these questions in order to quantifiably predict the candidate's culture fit with the company's culture.

Elective description.
Effective interview questions are grounded in your company’s mission and core values.
Therefore, hiring decisions should optimally follow the progression of:
  • your company’s mission informs what your company’s core values are;
  • during the interview, the interviewer examines the candidate’s fit with each of your company’s core values via a set of specific behavioral interview questions to help determine how well each interview candidate has delivered against that core value;
  • the interviewer compares the candidate’s performance against your company’s bar for that core value; and
  • the interviewer decides whether to hire the candidate based on if the candidate has provided sufficient data that they raise your company’s bar for the examined core value.
Why does this Elective matter?
Scaling teams is hard. A wrong engineering hire may cost $250,000+ to unwind; a wrong salesperson hire may cost $1M+. Together, we will develop a custom interview questions playbook to hire talent that will consistently raise your company's bar.

What takeaways and tools will learners walk away with?
  1. Learn how to prepare behavioral interview questions to examine the candidate's fit with your company's culture and core values.
  2. Learn how to collect evidence-based data from the candidate's interview responses of how the candidate performed against the core values you examined.
  3. Learn how to evaluate if the candidate raises the hiring bar of your company's culture and core values.

About the instructor:

In 2013, Nick Dimitrov co-founded Amazon Game Studios (AGS) in a series of direct pitches to Amazon’s CEO at the time, Jeff Bezos. AGS has since invested more than a billion dollars in the gaming space, by acquiring the game-streaming platform Twitch, developing its own 3D game engine (O3DE), and building hit internal games (New World).

Nick also became an Amazon Bar Raiser, one of that small number of Amazonians, who decide whether the company should hire a job candidate or not. As a Bar Raiser, Nick interviewed more than 350 job applicants and determined whether they raised the company’s hiring bar.

In 2018, Nick left Amazon to start Bar Raiser, a company that helps scale-ups hit their growth milestones, such as a new product launch or an IPO, by teaching them how to hire the best-quality talent that consistently raises their bar. We help companies unlock their growth by hiring better.

Bar Raiser’s customers are rapidly growing tech companies of 400 to 4,000+ employees, who interview roughly 100+ candidates monthly, and whose organizations span across distributed global hubs. Functionally, our customers come from industries such as hospitality, gaming, telecommunications, e-learning, and cloud security.
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Suggested Length:60 min(Flexible)
# of Employees: Flexible
Format: Live via Zoom
Available Formats:
  • Keynote Followed by Q&A
  • Lecture with Discussion
  • Interactive Workshop

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