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The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League existed 80 years ago, but the stories and wisdom of its players are surprisingly very relevant today. Over 600 elite women athletes played professional baseball (and were paid professional salaries) between 1943 and 1954––a most unlikely time in America––and they did it in lipstick and skirts. Yet for all that has changed since, the league remains the first and only of its kind. Fewer than 60 of those women who played in “a league of their own” are alive today, and even fewer are able to share their memories.

In 2016, realizing time was of the essence, author Anika Orrock set out to document their stories and get as close to the heart of this unique chapter in history as possible. She traveled the country researching historical archives and getting to know many of the women who played in the league. In her journey to preserve and promote a legacy, Anika collected more than just research and stories, she had unknowingly collected a stockpile of wisdom and insight. By immersing herself in the experiences of these trailblazing women, Anika discovered simple-but-potent and inspiring common themes which she immediately applied to her own work and perspective as a writer and illustrator. These lessons––empowering life lessons on grit, perseverance, opportunity and teamwork––are applicable to anyone in any industry.

In this Elective, Anika will share some inspiring, painful, funny, heartwarming and wince-worthy stories from pioneering women in baseball and shine a light on what they teach us about equality, possibility, determination and joy.

About the instructor:

Anika Orrock is an award-winning illustrator, author, historian and storyteller (and baseball nerd). Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, on NPR and more, and has been commissioned by major corporations, sports organizations, nonprofits, museums and record labels. Her latest book, The Incredible Women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, is a fully-illustrated narrative history of America’s first, and so far only, professional women’s baseball league (1943-1954). Ms. Orrock is also a vocal and dedicated advocate for gender and racial equality, on and off the baseball diamond.
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